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April 12, 2014 by Boo

Hey folks,

I’d love to stay and chat more today but I’ve been off the grid for over a week fighting off the flu and I’m still under the weather so please excuse this flying visit while I try and get myself back up to full fitness. I sure hope all of YOU are well and enjoying the lovely spring weather though?

Here’s my latest brand new collection for you.

Just Me Dreaming Page Kit available HERE


a little closer look

bld_justmedreaming_pagekit04 bld_justmedreaming_pagekit03 bld_justmedreaming_pagekit02 bld_justmedreaming_pagekit01

and the full works is available HERE


Some Blossom Inspiration

bld_JustDreaming_Sharon bld_justmedreaming_tonisha1 bld_justmedreaming_tonisha2

Released earlier this week and still available on sale  HERE


bld_osb_07_adA little OSB Inspiration

bld_osb_07_BOO1-the-heart-of-fashion bld_osb_07_BOO3-Tracie-web bld_osb_07_BOO1-magic

Studio News

Something VERY special coming up for you on the 15th April as part of our month long Studio Birthday Event so please make a note of that date in your diary and check out my FACEBOOK FAN Page for more info on the day. You will not be disappointed folks 😉

Also coming up next week


Your goodies for today

Click the image for download



and over on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Well thats about as much as I can muster today folks. I hope you all have a super weekend, enjoy your goodies and don’t forget to join us on the 15th April for our Studio Birthday Special Event.

Until then, take care


Boo and the Blossoms




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