I got April Fooled…….

April 1, 2011 by Boo

Yes, its true, Jay actually managed to fool me this morning. Well, in my defence, it was very early.

He calls me every morning to let me know he got to work safely (I know, I’m a worry bud lol) so this morning the expected call arrives and a very bleary eyed Boo picks up to be greeted with ‘I’m sorry I didn’t get to call at my usual time, its been crazy around here, its 9am now’


Its supposed to be 7am, just right for getting Elly up and breakfasted and ready for school, not 9am….. We’re REALLY late…. arggghhhh

Then, I hear it, that little snigger that gradually becomes a roar of laughter and I realise, HE GOT ME….. lol.

And I’ve no chance to get him back before the April Fool Deadline of 12 noon, unless, of course, YOU help me. ;)

This weeks competition to win my latest release ‘Sunday Afternoon’ Page Cluster Bundle is easy peasy.

Simply leave me a comment on this post telling me the best April Fool Day prank you played on someone or had played on you OR it can be you most favourite TV April Fool Prank. It must be linked to April Fools Day though.

Have fun and enjoy the comments everyone. 5 lucky commentators will win my Prize this week.

And to get the ball rolling, here is one of my all time favourite April fool Pranks for you all to enjoy.

and for those of you who might like a more in depth look at the whole April Fool Tradition and see more fun pranks try this link to an old article of the Independent Newspaper which covers it all pretty nicely.

And now I invite you all to view my latest brand new release

Introducing ‘Sunday Afternoon’


Available here with 40% OFF for a limited time only

So many of you mentioned in a previous competition how much you liked vintage Style kits with rich textures and bold colors. I hope you enjoy this Collection as much as I did in creating it. Inspired by wonderful memories of my Grandparents Sunday Afternoon Letter Writing habits this collection really took me back to a time when letter writing and the art of written conversation was the only way to connect to the bigger world. Overseas telephone calls where way beyond the pocket of most folk so pen and paper and delicious anticipation of waiting for news was the order of the day.

bld_sundayafternoon_elements  bld_sundayafternoon_papers

bld_sundayafternoon_borders bld_sundayafternoon_alpha

bld_sundayafternoon_clusters bld_sundayafternoon_glitter

bld_sundayafternoon_momentwords bld_sundayafternoon_QPset


Available now with a massive 40% OFF for a very limited time only


Coming soon to these stores

Sophistiscrap Sunflower Divine

bld_sundayafternoon_pagespray1 bld_sundayafternoon_pagespray2

bld_sundayafternoon_pagespray3 bld_sundayafternoon_pagespray4


Don’t forget to check out my new CU Range of Cluster Templates and Stacked Page Templates too. These are a fantastic resource for personal, S4H AND commercial use.

You can grab them at both my Personal and CU store at the studio

bld_clustertemplate_bundle bld_stackedpages_bundle1-4

They come with links for PSD, PNG, TIFF and for those with fast download speeds, an All Formats in One zip file.

And they are still on sale for a short while longer.


Studio News

We also have a gorgeous new COLLAB kit available at the Studio

The Nameless One is now on sale here

ef6f6e23059dfa40086a0f17a031cfed.image.300x300 2de521d655db70957900c384d97c5ef3.image.300x300

So what do we have for you next week??

Well, its personally my favourite so far and I think you will love it too. Want a sneaky peeky?? Ok then…

Its pretty special if I do say so myself…. Coming Next Friday.

sneakpeek pre


Winners for last weeks competition will be announced tomorrow via the Newsletter. There is still a few hours left to sign up for my Newsletter and be in with a chance to WIN my Spit Spot Page Kit.

Be sure to enter this weeks fun competition too for a chance to WIN my Sunday Afternoon Page Spray Bundle.

Just leave your APRIL FOOL comments in this post. The 5 lucky winners will be announced later in the week

And finally, your goodies for this week

bld_sundayafternoon_desktopPCDownload Here


Download Here


That’s all for now folks. have a wonderful day and enjoy the comedy


Boo and the Blossoms x


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