February 2017

Hey folks, How are you all this weekend? We had a bit of a scare on Thursday. Storm Doris hit the UK and caused quite a commotion, what with soggy leaves and twigs blowing around the roads, not to mention the rain that lashed us. We’re just not used to that sort of violent weather. […] Read More


Can this be for real?… Perhaps ;)

  Hey folks, How are you all today? I’m a little late getting this weeks deals out due to some pretty wild (for the UK) weather messing up my internet connection, so fingers crossed, I get this out to you today…. here goes…. I have yet another awesome BIG Deal for you guys today and […] Read More


Hey Folks, This week I thought I’d offer some deals that you can mix and match and make your stash go even further. Nobody loves a bargain more than I do and there’s nothing better than sharing the goodies with my lovely BooLand Fans so, if you loved Copper Verdi I think you’ll get a […] Read More

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Hey folks, I hope you all managed to have a lovely Valentines Day yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised (or, to be more precise, shocked, lol) to receive a gorgeous bouquet of 12 red roses along with a lovely rose scented candle.  Then, to top off my Valentine treat I had a delicious steak dinner cooked […] Read More


Hello Folks, We are fast approaching that special date when Love takes a front seat and we can all be forgiven for getting all soppy and romantic and since the weather has been full on snow and storms for a lot of us I thought I’d add a snowy theme to my romantic offering this year. […] Read More


48 Hour Specials @ Booland

Hey folks, How are you all doing? I’ve been laid up with some sort of nasty bug but that’s to be expected this time of year I guess. I still managed to attend a 2-day paediatric first aid course last week which was interesting. It’s amazing how much things change in the space of 3 […] Read More