October 2011

Finally, New Release is here

Wohoooo! Honestly, I did not think I would get this one out today so bonus lol. First I want to say again what a wonderful surprise it was to see so many comments on our Blog Competition for last week. You all did amazing and I;m pleased to tell you your little thank you gift […] Read More


You’re thoughts count…

Hey everyone, How’s it going? We are not quite ready with this weeks new release so that will be posted a little later this week, possibly tomorrow all being well ;) However, our Blog competition ends today and I wanted to make sure we kept you all up to speed on the results of that. […] Read More


Cherish each day

Hey everyone, How are you all today? I am feeling a bit better after my cold so things are looking up. lol.  They need to be as I’m off for a visit and cuddle with my baby grandson Leon who is growing fast and giggling fit to burst. Do you think I should warn his […] Read More


New Collection out today…

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying a good week so far. I woke up today with a super dooper cold which has left me feeling pretty yukky to say the least but not so bad I couldn’t get my latest collection in store for you. I hope you’ll enjoy Impressions as much as I […] Read More


Off to Sleep…

Hey all, How are you? I’ve had an ultra busy week with one thing and another not least due to my Blue Light Event last weekend. Many thanks to everyone who enjoyed that. I hope you’ll get lots of pleasure using up your stash. Today I have a double whammy for you as I missed […] Read More



  Sounds like a great idea. So what is it?? Well I’m glad you asked me that folks. Here in the UK we have an awesome, once in a blue moon thing called A Blue Cross Event and it was started, I believe, by a large Department store wanting to inform their customers that this […] Read More

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The Big Bang…

Hello everyone, How are you all today? I am super fine having spent a relatively quiet first part of the week at home after a super exciting weekend of glorious musical fireworks. No, I don’t mean the fireworks were musical, now that would be something, but they were set off to music and it was […] Read More