August 2011

When Seasons Change….

Hey Everyone, I’m a little late getting this out today but better late then never right? It’s been a busy week again for me. Jay had his birthday earlier this week so we went playing crazy golf. OMG, I haven’t played that since I was a kid but it was so much fun. I was […] Read More


New Collection and Goodies…

It’s almost that time of year again. Summer seems to gently flow into autumn bringing with it a second burst of glorious color and a promise of a bountiful season to come with natures fruits finally coming into their own. Harvester shows us what we can look forward to with rich hues, earthy scents and […] Read More


This is Booland, Not Dickens……

Hehe, does the title give you any kind of clue as to what we have for you today? Who hasn’t read a good Dickens novel? Ok, let me rephrase that, who hasn’t read the first paragraph of a good Dickens novel which is in itself as good as any book Well, let me reassure you […] Read More


All the fun of Summer….

But first… The news in my neck of the woods…… Hey All, How are you all in your neck of the woods? I’m sure you’ll all know by now that Britain has been seeing some very unsavoury behaviour of late. Rest assured it has not spilled over into my little town and I am fine […] Read More


A Double Whammy treat for you….

Hey there folks,How’s it going for you all? As you all know by now, I’ve been up to my eyes redecorating the old place while Jay and Elly were off on their hols. Jay is now home, looking tanned and fit and delighted, I’m sure, to be greeted by yours truly looking not quite as […] Read More