1. Just me…Dreaming

    April 12, 2014 by Boo

    Hey folks,

    I’d love to stay and chat more today but I’ve been off the grid for over a week fighting off the flu and I’m still under the weather so please excuse this flying visit while I try and get myself back up to full fitness. I sure hope all of YOU are well and enjoying the lovely spring weather though?

    Here’s my latest brand new collection for you.

    Just Me Dreaming Page Kit available HERE


    a little closer look

    bld_justmedreaming_pagekit04 bld_justmedreaming_pagekit03 bld_justmedreaming_pagekit02 bld_justmedreaming_pagekit01

    and the full works is available HERE


    Some Blossom Inspiration

    bld_JustDreaming_Sharon bld_justmedreaming_tonisha1 bld_justmedreaming_tonisha2

    Released earlier this week and still available on sale  HERE

    OSB 7

    bld_osb_07_adA little OSB Inspiration

    bld_osb_07_BOO1-the-heart-of-fashion bld_osb_07_BOO3-Tracie-web bld_osb_07_BOO1-magic

    Studio News

    Something VERY special coming up for you on the 15th April as part of our month long Studio Birthday Event so please make a note of that date in your diary and check out my FACEBOOK FAN Page for more info on the day. You will not be disappointed folks ;)

    Also coming up next week


    Your goodies for today

    Click the image for download



    and over on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


    Well thats about as much as I can muster today folks. I hope you all have a super weekend, enjoy your goodies and don’t forget to join us on the 15th April for our Studio Birthday Special Event.

    Until then, take care


    Boo and the Blossoms



  2. Winner all the way…

    April 5, 2014 by Boo


    Layout by me using my OSB 6 Kit

    OMG……. I WON…..

    Ok, so I didn’t actually run in the race, I didn’t actually get on a horse and get all muddy and run and jump the crazy Aintree Grand National. BUT…. MY HORSE WON…. wohoooooo

    Wanna know what I won?? Of course you do lol. Well I didn’t win cash. Nope, I didn’t do what thousands and thousands of British folk do on this day and blow a packet in the betting shop on a horse but… I did win a prize for picking the winning horse, a lovely bar of chocolate which I will enjoy later on when everyone else has gone to bed. Hehehe.

    Every year Jay, Elly, sometimes, Jess and I gather around the tv to watch the famous Grand National Horse Race. We cut up all the horse names into little strips, place them in a hat and pick out an equal number each. The one holding the winning horse slip gets the chocolate. In recent years Jess and Jay have usually won but amazingly this year, I won and I’m one happy little winner. For a few moments its total bedlam in our house as the horses near the winning line. I’m sure you could hear us from there couldn’t you?

    I suppose the race is especially important in our house as Red Rum, 3 times Winner of the Grand National was trained in my home town of Southport and we often saw him running on the beach. My Grandad, who won every time with Red Rum, loved him so much he actually commissioned a painting of him. Do you have some special event in your home town that brings you all together? I’d love to hear about it.

    Here’s a layout withRed Rum taking centre stage. In the background you can just make out the sea. He’s training on Southport Beach. Sadly Rummy is no longer with us. He died on October 18th 1995 at the age of 30 and is buried at the finishing line with his head facing the winning post. But he will always live in our hearts.

    Watch him here


    Layout by me using my brand new collection Tulips From Amsterdam.

    Well, with all the Grand National excitement I almost forgot all the fantastic goings on over at the Studio, lol.


    Our Cafe In Paris Coordinated Collection is going through the roof folks. Seems you all love a little ohhh lala.

    You can find my portions HERE

    The Studio Newsletter Previews Template

    and don’t forget, if you spend $25 on ANY CIP product you’ll get our fabulous Album FREE

    Check it out HERE

    thestudio_cafealbum_preview (1)

    Also just released this weekend is my brand new Tulips From Amsterdam

    You can see more of this gorgeously sunny collection right HERE


    Some Blossom Inspiration





    and more from me



    Released earlier this week and used for my Winners Layout up top was my latest OSB 6

    You can find it HERE

    and don’t forget folks, our March Mini Madness Sale is still on for a short while longer so you can grab this OSB for just $1


    Coming up next week

    bld_osb_07_sneakpeek bld_justmedreaming_sneakpeekYour Goodies for this week

    Just click the image to download



    and over on Facebook and Twitter you can grab this


    Phew, that was a mighty big post. Thanks everyone for seeing it through to the end with me. I hope you all had a fun filled Saturday too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see you back here next week with some fabulous new goodies.

    Until then take care


    Boo and and the Blossoms



  3. DOTD,Cafe In Paris $1 and OSB6 out now

    April 2, 2014 by Boo


    People who know me know where to find me if I’m not home and glued to the PC. I’ll be the one relaxing at some roadside Cafe sipping Latte and watching the world go by. It’s by far my favourite way to relax. Once, a long time ago, I was lucky enough to do just that in Paris on Valentines weekend no less. Elly’s Dad and I had the chance to enjoy a weekend in the city of Love. It was a great way to spend our Wedding Anniversary and we both fell in love with Paris. I would love to go back some time with Jay and really take in all that romance and art.

    Of course, when I discovered our Studio Coordinates theme would be Cafe In Paris I could hardly contain my excitement. I hope you will love not just my contribution but the stunning art of all our Studio Designers. This really had been a labour of love for us all. Without further ado, let me introduce my ‘Cafe In Paris’

    Available HERE at just $1 per pack

    The Studio Newsletter Previews Template

    and if you purchase $25 worth of ANY Cafe In Paris Products you will get this amazing Album FREE

    Check it out HERE

    thestudio_cafealbum_preview (1)

    Some Blossom Inspiration






    and from me. I got to play with Toinys family photos from her recent trip to Paris. These pages are included in our fantastic Cafe In Paris Album






    I’m so happy to share with you todays DOTD.

    It’s my very own Delightful’

    You can grab it HERE

    02APR_DOTDbut remember, its only available as DOTD TODAY

    Brand New OSB 6 is now in store

    you can find it HERE


    and some layouts from me



    Coming this weekend

    bld_tulipsfromamsterdam_sneakpeekand a special treat for this mid-week bumper post

    a little Delightful goody not previously released

    Just click the image to grab it


    Thats all for today folks. We’ll see you back here over the weekend. Meanwhile, loose yourself in some gorgeous parisian coffee and enjoy some YOU time.

    Here’s our Cafe In Paris Link again if you missed it earlier


    Boo and the Blossoms


  4. How Thoughtful are You?

    March 29, 2014 by Boo

    Hey Folks,

    My brother sure gets around. Thanks to his job he gets to visit places we can only dream of and sit in chairs we will only ever get to see on tv like the Game of Thrones Throne of Swords or, currently, the Voice Chairs of the Judges…… Lucky boy…..

    the-voice-new-judges-kylie-minogue-ricky-wilson-in-chairsThanks to this current job he gets to rub shoulders with some pretty impressive people like Tom Jones and Wil.I.Am but I gotta say, nothing has impressed me more then hearing my very excited Mum this morning tell me that he actually managed to get Ms Kylie Minogue to call her and wish her a Happy Mothers Day. WOW Simon, that was not just cool but amazingly thoughtful of both you and Ms Minogue. Way to go bro. Kinda puts my little gift in the shade lol but I know my Mom appreciates even just a call from us. It’s all about the thoughtful meaning behind the gift that matters.

    Thats what todays brand new Collection is all about too. I wanted to create something I felt could be used to show case all those amazingly thoughtful things you and your loved ones do for each other and it’s especially lovely that it happens to fall in line with this weekend, it being Mothers Day for our UK Mums.

    So, in honour of my dear Mum and for all our Moms here is Thoughtful

    You can find the full collection with a staggering 40% off right HERE

    29MAR_BooSome Thoughtful Blossom Inspirations







    and from me…



    I would love to see YOUR Thoughtful layouts. Be sure to add them to our BooLand Gallery at the Studio and you may just get RAKed ;)


    The Studio Retirement Sale ends very soon. It’s your last chance to grab some awesome goodies at a massive 75% discount before they are gone for good. Heres just one of my retirement kits on sale now.

    Available HERE

    $17.97  $14.97
    Sale: $4.49
    Save: 75% off


    and theres more HERE

    Released earlier this week. My OSB 5 and its yours for just $1 for a little while longer


    A little Competition of sorts

    wantedWe’ve already had some AMAZING ideas through but keep them coming folks, we can never have too many ideas for our OSB’s. I especially love the ones coming through with links to PINTEREST Boards showing us not only what colors you love but what styles you love too. Great work everyone, keep it up.

    Coming next week

    It’s a BIG week for the Studio next week with the second of our quarterly Coordinates Sale. It goes live April 1st and all products will be available for a limited time for just $1 each. Be sure to pop back on the first for your chance to grab my April Coordinates. I can’t wait to see what you all think of our theme for this event. I loved it.

    Also coming next week…



    A BUMPER WEEK OF GORGEOUSNESS is on its way, wohoooooo

    Your goodies for today

    just click the image for download



    and on Facebook and Twitter


    That’s all for today folks. Thank you all so much for joining us today. We wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with Thoughtful moments you’ll want to cherish forever.


    Oh, and in case you missed it earlier, here’s that link for our Thoughtful Collection again


    Boo and the Blossoms


  5. March Mini Madness continues, OSB5 and a goody

    March 26, 2014 by Boo

    Hey folks.

    How are you all today? I hope the weather is being kind to you all and the day is proving to be awesome.


    Layout Contest starts HERE

    March Mini Madness continues over at the Studio with our crazy $1 Mini Sale which is fantastic news for you all today as it means todays brand new OSB 5 is available at just $1. That’s right folks, I did say $1…. Wohoooo

    Available HERE for just $1


    Continuing my quest to create at least 1 layout per kit, here are a couple from me for this gorgeous kit (ok, I admit, it is probably my favourite kit to date hehe making layouts easy peasy to do, hehe)



    Howz about a little competition folks?. Would you like the chance to win an OSB based on your own ideas? Here’s how…


    Make sure you enter OSB WANTS ME in the email subject line or it might get lost in the post. Good Luck to you all, we can’t wait to see your ideas.

    and just because today is sunny and I’m feeling the lurve, I have a little extra goody for you this week

    Just click the image to grab it and enjoy


    Coming up this weekend


    That’s all for today folks. Elly and I have plans for a movie afternoon since her school is closed for the day so we’ll see you back here real soon. Meanwhile, enjoy, take care and don’t forget to send those ideas for our new OSB Competition.

    That link again for our fantastic $1 OSB 5 is right HERE


    Boo and the Blossoms


  6. The Arrival of March Mini Madness

    March 22, 2014 by Boo


    Our STUDIO March Mini Madness LAYOUT CONTEST has begun! Welcome to some fun, games, prizes and getting your layout on! This one is easy fun, and chock full of rewards.

    You can win 1 of 2 ways:

    * Post a layout (using our Mini Kits) and get a $1 coupon in your private message (PM) box early the next day: by 5:00 am EST (UTC+5) Note: Day one is extra long to get everyone settled in. Day one ends on Sunday, March 23rd at 12 midnight EST (UTC +5).
    * Pin our Mini Kits on your Pinterest using hashtag: #marchminimadnessOn April 5th, THREE lucky pinners will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to theStudio

    You can do BOTH, or either. It’s up to you. To get started:

    * Make a layout from one of our Mini Kits and post it here & in our gallery. That’s it!
    * Go to Mini Kits, click on any Mini Kits; click the PinIt button (above every preview) and add hashtag: #marchminimadness and…. PIN! No purchase required.

    Rules & FAQ’s
    You may use any Mini Kits in our store. It can be old or new. You can buy one, or use one from your stash.
    * You must use only that Mini Kits. No other bits, pieces, nothing. Only that Mini Kits & nothing else.
    * It must be posted by 12 pm (midnight) EST, {UTC+5} to qualify for the daily $1.00 coupon.
    * Every day, every layout, must be a different Mini Kits.
    * If you play daily, you will get a new $1.00 coupon daily.
    * Please credit your mini kit in the gallery. Include Designer & kit name.
    * Coupons will be PM’d by me daily by 5 am EST {UTC+5}
    * Please post your Layout here and in the Gallery
    * You do NOT have to purchase to participate in pinning our Mini Kits. Do remember to use #marchminimadness

    If anything isn’t clear, please feel free to ask any questions …………. and have FUN!

    All my Mini Kits on sale for just $1 HERE

    including One Page Wonders and One Step Beyond kits

    and now…….

    Booland Designs Banner

    I promised you gorgeous things this weekend and I always aim to deliver on my promises. Today you can finally enjoy the ARRIVAL of spring….. ok…. maybe thats going a bit too far lol, I can’t promise Spring to you all but I sure hope my new collection ‘ARRIVAL’ will help you feel that Spring is in the air? It’s filled with fabulous sunny elements and deliciously warm papers perfect for scrapping a whole host of Spring memories or even of dreams and goals you hope to enjoy this year. Whatever your style, this collection is sure to deliver in heaps.

    You can check out the full collection HERE and right now, you’ll get an awesome extra 40% discount too


    Check out the Collection in more detail HERE

    Some Blossom Inspiration







    and from me



    One Step Beyond News

    Earlier this week I released OSB 4. These mini’s are proving real popular with you all and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who messaged and emailed me about them. Seems they contain just the right amount for you all to enjoy crafting with them.


    OSB4 available HERE

    Don’t forget folks, today you can enjoy ALL of my OSB and OPW mini kits for just $1 each right HERE

    Here’s a quick look at the rest of our new OSB minis

    bld_osb_01-adavailable here


    available here


    available here

    Sneak Peek

    and here’s a little Sneaky Peek at whats coming next week



    and as you’ve been so patient with me and got all the way here, I have some goodies for you too ;)

    Just click the image for direct download



    and over on Facebook and Twitter


    Boo’s News

    Are you signed up for our FREE Newsletter yet? If not, be sure to sign up today to ensure you get our exclusive Boo’s News Goodies. Our readers got this today. Sign up HERE


    Please note this is ONLY available to current subscribers but if you sign up from today you can be sure of getting equally great goodies in future Boo’s News

    That’s all for today folks. You all have a fantastic Spring filled weekend and we’ll see you back here next week with more Boo’licious Delights

    Until then, take care and don’t forget that our March Mini Madness $1 sale starts HERE


    Boo and the Blossoms


  7. OSB 4 is now available

    March 20, 2014 by Boo


    Yesterday when I started this post this was sooooo true. The weather was gorgeous. The birds were singing and all was right with the world. Then, my WP went down, my internet was on and off and to make things really bad, my tea went cold…….

    Today, as I finally make contact again with the world, and my tea is hot, the weather,sadly, is not so great but.…. at least my brand new OSB 4 is in the store and now available to all my dear friends at a fabulous 40% discount, well, seems all is still great with the world.

    Check it out HERE folks


    We’ll be back over the weekend (all being well) with more delicious delights for you. Until then, here is a little sneaky peek at whats coming

    bld_arrival_SPand that link for todays gorgeous OSB 4 is HERE


    Boo and the Blossoms


  8. DOTD, New Collection and St Paddy’s Day Sale

    March 15, 2014 by Boo


    Hey Friends,

    How goes it with you all this fine weekend? Better then me I hope. After all, if you’re going to try burning the candle at both ends you must expect there to be some unpleasant consequences right? Yep lately I’ve been on a creative binge, which, to be fair to me, isn’t something I intentionally do, it just happens lol, but, it does come at a price. All those super late nights and silly o’clock early mornings at the computer have left me feeling less then well this past week and I finally hit BURN OUT a couple of days ago.


    Now don’t worry folks. I’m ok, just not feeling as well as I like to and it’s meant a couple of early (for me) to bed nights and a couple of (for me) lie-in’s in the morning which is why todays post may be a little late.

    My advice to anyone contemplating burning the candle at both ends…… DON’T hahaha, instead take some time out to relax and enjoy life. You’ll come back feeling energised and ready for work and more then that, you’ll have something to actually talk about or, in our case, scrap about lol.

    Go on, admit it…. how many of you have spent way longer then you meant to on something then paid the price in some way? Leave your answers in the comments below

    Today at the Studio for one day only

    Check it out HERE


    New Collection – Up to 70% OFF

    Perfect for all our Irish/St Paddys fans. With Irelands colors of Green and Orange and that fab touch of purple this collection is ideal for every Spring Festival you can think of.

    Lots more to see in store so…..

    Check it out HERE


    Blossoms Inspirations










    Big News for St Patricks Day

    Click the image to go there


    Sneaky Peek


    Learn something cool…

    For FREE

    Our very own Snickerdoodle Designs AKA Karen will be guesting on Creative Live later this month and you can get to watch the whole show for FREE. Just click on the image to go to the page, click the RSVP button and enter your details and you will get an invite to view the whole show for free. I love Creative Live and am thrilled to see it expand into our Digi Scrapping world. I’ll be there, will YOU?

    St. Patrick s Day Sale  Three NL Exclusive Freebies

    Your Goodies for Today

    Click the images to DOWNLOAD



    and on our Facebook and Twitter pages


    Well folks, well be back next Wednesday with a fabulous new OSB. Until then, take care, take it easy and enjoy life.

    Here’s that linky again for our fabulous DOTD

    Remember, it’s only available for TODAY


    Boo and the Blossoms


  9. OSB 3, Retiring Goodies, Essence FWP and a sneaky peek

    March 12, 2014 by Boo


    Hey Folks,

    Did you miss your hour in bed last Sunday? Look on the bright side, the days are longer, the sun is shining and spring is definitely in the air. I’m loving all the green on the trees and the flowers poking through the ground.

    Todays OSB has a real sense of Spring about it too. I hope you’ll all enjoy using it as much as I did creating it. You can find it in my Studio Store HERE


    and yes, I’m keeping up with my new year goal so far, here are two more layouts for my files using OSB 3.



    Retiring Goodies 75% OFF

    These will be gone from the store very soon

    You can find them HERE


    Free with Purchase at the Studio today

    check it out HERE



    That’s all for today folks. Enjoy this lovely Spring Day and we’ll see you back here over the weekend with some gorgeous new things and of course, some super coordinating goodies just for YOU


    Boo and the Blossoms


  10. DOTD, New Collections and Birthday Celebrations

    March 8, 2014 by Boo

    mike top

    Hey all, How goes it with you?

    Today is my youngest son, Mike’s, birthday and since I can’t be with hime today I’m dedicating todays post to him.

    As a young boy Mikey was such a mischievous little guy but he looked so angelic with his almost white hair and big brown eyes that he usually got away with most things, much to his older brothers annoyance. His favourite hero back then was He Man and it was not unusual to see Mike running around the garden at full speed with his plastic sabre held high. He would stop suddenly, look to the sky and shout ‘I have the POWERrrrrrrrrr’ then off he’d go again, running like the wind.How I wish we’d had such things as the smart phone then. I’d have been clicking away on the camera non stop.

    As it turned out, he grew up to be a real life Hero, as did his big brother when they both served in the Army. As for me, I count my blessings every minute of every day that somehow I got lucky enough to be their Mum.

    Template by Anna Aspenes

    Mike Birthday

    Journaling reads – ‘ You were always such a bundle of cheek and mischief. From the moment you were born with that shock of white hair and those big eyes you could get away with everything. I couldn’t turn my back for a moment for fear of you scaling some wall or dodging cars. You went through some style..erm.. ‘choices’ as you grew too. Check out that hair cut for one and your moustache sure left a lot to be desired. You sure have grown though. Just look at you now. There is no doubt you evolved into someone very special but I think you became your best self when you became a Dad. Happy Birthday Mike. The day you were born was one of the best days of my life and you’ve continued to bring sunshine every day since. Love you so much Son xxx ‘

    Happy Birthday sunshine. We wish you everything you wish for yourself and much more.

    DOTD at the Studio



    Yay…… Todays DOT is non other then Escape. You can grab the full page kit or the WORKS at a massively reduced price right HERE TODAY ONLY


    New Collection ‘Refreshing’

    Available HERE



    RRP $55.00

    SALE $15.99
    Save: 71% off

    You can’t change who you are, but you can change what you have in your head, you can refresh what you’re thinking about, you can put some fresh air in your brain.”

    - Ernesto Bertarelli

    You’ll find everything and more for all your scrapping projects in Refreshing and, as always, I’ve added lots of little extras for you.

    The Complete Works Contains

     1 Element Pack -134 Unique Elements – Not all shown in preview

     1 Paper Pack -  20 12″x12″ papers

     1 Pack of 10 Journal Cards

     1 Alpha Sets Pack – Contains 3 Complete Alphas including Upper& Lower Case, Numbers and some  extras

     1 Pack of 10  Embossed Cardstock

     1 Pack of 5 Clusters

     1 Pack of 4 Stacked Pages 12”x12”

     1 Pack of 4 Quick Pages 12”x12”

     1 Pack of 4 Page Borders

     1 Pack of 10 finished Tags

     1 Pack of 5 Photo Clusters

     1 Pack 10 Frames

     1 Pack 17 Swirls

     1 Pack6 Rosettes

     1 Pack of 10 Pattern Papers

     1 Pack 10 Torn Paper Pieces

     1 Pack of 12 12”x12” Signature Papers

     All saved in PNG and JPG format at 300ppi for best quality printing.

    See the Detailed Images for a better view.

    This product is PU/S4H friendly

    See the Detailed Images for a better view.

    This product is PU/S4H friendly

    Please read my TOU here

    Don’t miss out on freebies or special announcements.

    BLOG  ~  Newsletter  ~ Facebook ~  Twitter  ~  Pinterest

    Check it all out HERE

    So much more to look forward to


    Some Blossoms Inspirations




    And your Goodies for today

    Click the images for direct download



    and this available on our Twitter and Facebook Pages


    Well that’s all for today folks. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you all bak here next week for more glorious goodies. Until then, take care and just in case you missed that link for todays fantastic DOTD its HERE but ONLY FOR TODAY ;)

    Have fun


    Boo and the Blossoms


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