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  • Novembers Gifts are many and varied….
    Hey Folks, How are you all today? I’ve been overrun with stuff going on in the real world and I don’t mind admitting I was seriously shocked when I came to write the Newsletter earlier that we were not only in November but actually half way through it. I truly can’t believe how […]
  • Our House is cool, how about yours?
    Hey Folks, Who remembers that crazy 80’s band called Madness? When Toiny first introduced us to her idea of creating a collection called Our House the very first thing to happen to me was that Madness tune got stuck in my head. Even now I can’t think straight as the words ‘Our […]
  • What could you do with an extra hour?
    Hello folks, How are you all this lovely autumn weekend? I’m feeling pretty chipper as we get a whole extra hour to enjoy thanks to the end of the British Summer and therefore the ritual turning back of our clocks. I admit, there has been many a time I’ve forgotten to turn back the […]