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Hey Folks,

How are you all? I’m guessing many of you are busy with the start of school again? Elly still has a few days yet before she embarks on her new adventure through collage but more about that later.

Recently, in a bid to help me get out and about and a little more healthy, Jay and I have been going on some long walks. It’s proved to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to explore our new(ish) neighbourhood. I had no idea that we were just a stones throw from the Great Sankey Valley with its lovely waterways, history and old (I mean 12th century) manor house and lodge.  Even more impressive is just how friendly everyone on these walks are. I don’t think a single person passed us without a smile or cheery hello. That in itself is enough to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day in my humble opinion.

Of course, the real test will be, can I keep up the good work once Jay and Elly are back at school………. ?

Meanwhile, back in BooLand….

Yes, I finally finished that collection I’ve been working on for what seems like forever. It was inspired by Ellys transition from regular school to the (almost) grown up status of collage student. Here, she will have to make enormous decisions for herself, like what to wear for the day, should she have coffee or a smoothie from the campus coffee shop and other such heady things as these. Oh, and there will be a ton more homework to do now. Sorry Ells…. thats all part of growing up hun 😉

I’m so happy to introduce Academy. A full Collection perfect for recording your childs school/collage days but don’t stop there. This collection would be great for all you fans of journalling and writing too. It’s literally jam-packed with gorgeous goodies. Lets take a look…..

Available at my stores

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The Collection

with FREE Brushed Accents


Just want the Page Kit?

Comes with FREE Brushed Accents


FREE with Purchase of Collection or Page Kit


 also available to buy separately

bld-academy-pageborders bld-academy-clusters bld-academy-rosettes

bld-academy-stackedpages bld-academy-journalcards bld-academy-quickpages


booland_logo 17018073485_90e1a71cbc_m

Blossoms Inspiration

bld_Acadamy_600 Joyce 1 bld_academy_600_joyce 2 bld_Academy_600_joyce 3 bld_academy_keevs-01 600 bld_academy_kelly1_600 bld_academy_kelly2_600 bld_academy-keevs-02 bld-academy_gina_600 bld-academy_gina2_600 bld-academy-Alquafea600 bld-academy-BRANDON 3-600-LisaL bld-academy-Karen 600

and from me


Studio News

Todays Daily Deal



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Goodies Time

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Guest spot at Gotta Pixel 1st September


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Until then, take care and have a super weekend


Boo and the Blossoms


Bundle Me Up and Goodies

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Hey Folks,

How have you been this week? I know some of you have been having super hot weather whilst others (like me) have been experiencing what can only be described as ‘typically British’ weather. In other words, it’s been all over the place but mainly dull…. LOL. Still, all that damp air and soggy ground didn’t stop us from enjoying our week away in Wales last week. I promise to share some photos as soon as I get them loaded. Meanwhile, I do have some fun stuff for you all to get your teeth into. The Studio are running a super dooper Bundle Sale right now. If you know me, and I’m pretty sure you do by now, you’ll know I like to pack my bundles to the hilt with lots of goodies. Here’s a great opportunity for you to indulge your scrapping passion with my bundles on sale for better then 60% off their usual price.

Check out the Bundle Me Up sale HERE


And lots more BUNDLES to see HERE


I’ve also got my OSB 45 still on sale over at the Studio. This is such a cute little kit. Perfect for little princesses, parties, even teen girls (yes, Elly loved it)

Check it out at the Studio or at BooLand

Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Don’t forget you’ll get these gorgeous framed clusters FREE with your purchase


Also available

Commercial/Personal Use Signature Papers


These make a great addition to your scrap stash and can be used ‘as is’ by Designers creating kits for sale.


Blossoms Inspiration

bld-osb-45-SEL2--600-LisaL bld-osb-45-paper_WIP_raelynn01 bld_osb_45_600_Joyce 2

bld-osb-45-600-SEL-LisaL bld-osb-45_Karen1_600 bld_osb45_kelly_600

bld_osb45_gina_600 bld_osb-45_600_joyce 1 bld_osb_45_600_joyce 3

and one from me


Don’t forget to check out LAST WEEKS post for your OSB 45 Goodies.


Not ‘Officially’ released until next Wednesday but we couldn’t wait, hehe…..

OSB 46 is now live and on sale at BooLand & the Studio


and you’ll get these beautiful Stacked Pages FREE with your purchase


Commercial/Personal Use Signature Papers

including a lovely FREE sample in greyscale and color to use ‘as is’



Blossoms Inspiration

bld_osb_46_600_joyce 1 bld_osb46_600_norma bld_osb46_FB1_{600}

bld_osb46_kelly_600 bld-osb-46-600-Sarah1-LisaL bld-osb-46-BLN2-600-LisaL

bld-osb46_gina_600 bld-osb-46-Dani2-600-LisaL


Goodies for You

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I nearly forgot…..

Do you love Alphas.Do you love making stand out titles for your pages?

Here’s a great chance for you to fill up on your Alpha Stash.

My Entire Alpha Range on sale at the Studio HERE


That’s all for this week folks

Have a super week and please be sure to pop back soon for more new stuffs and gorgeous goodies

Until then, take care


Boo and the Blossoms


Customer Note re Download Times
Some of you have asked about this.

Please note that prior to Mid May all items loaded into the (BooLand) store were automatically set for a 7 day allowance for download. It wasn’t till Mid May that we found we could change anything new coming into the store to the 30 days. We have chosen to leave  the others at 7 days due to the amount of time it would take to go in fix each one individually. Thanks for your understanding. It should not impact in any way on your shopping experience with us and you can always contact us if you need a little extra time. 

There’s nothing like a Steam Train Ride…

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Ffestiniog RailwayNorthNarrow GuageRailTransport

Click the image for a real time webcam view from the station

Hey Folks,

How are you all? I hope well and enjoying your summer. I am making the most of every moment of down time in Wales. It has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet and there are so many fun things to do if you want to do more then sit on a beach. I am really looking forward to completing my holiday with a trip on this magnificent Steam Engine on the Ffestiniog Railway. We are hoping to catch the Jazz Train this year. You take the train in the evening, enjoy a leisurely ride up to Tan y Bwlch where you alight for a nice supper while listening to a great Jazz band before heading back on the train to Porthmadog. It will be a first for me and I am really looking forward to it.


Meanwhile…. Back in

BooLand News

New Release OSB 45


You can find this at both my stores

booland_logo 17018073485_90e1a71cbc_m

Get these beautiful Framed Clusters FREE with your purchase

Also available

OSB 45 CU Signature Papers


Blossoms Inspiration

bld_osb_45_600_Joyce 2

bld-osb-45-600-SEL-LisaL bld-osb-45_Karen1_600


bld_osb_45_600_joyce 3 bld-osb-45-paper_WIP_raelynn01


bld_osb45_kelly_600 bld_osb-45_600_joyce 1

and from me



On the Blog





That’s all for today folks

Catch up with us next time when we’ll have more gorgeous goodies for you

Until then, take care and enjoy your weekend


Boo and the Blossoms


There’s a beach calling my name…

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Black Rock Sands

Hey folks,

I hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer. It’s that time of year again for me. We are off to our favourite place, Porthmadog and the gorgeous Black Rock sands. I can’t tell you how ready I am for a little r&r this time. Of course we will be visiting my much loved BooLand, otherwise known as Portmeirion. A trip to Beddgelert is also on the cards along with a wander around the fabulous Caernarfon Castle (the one where Prince Charles was made Prince of Wales) and, if I’m really lucky, we’ll get a ride on the famous Ffestiniog Railway.


This year Elly has opted out of joining us, preferring instead to spend time with her cousins in Southport. I can’t say I blame her. She’s at that age where a stroll on the beach at dawn holds absolutely no magic for her whatsoever lol. Instead we’ll be enjoying some quality time with Jays Mum and just chillin’ as much as possible.


Porthmadog….. here we come……

BooLand News


While I’m away I thought I’d leave my BMS sale running just so those of you, like me, who don’t get paid until the end of the month can still have a chance to grab this awesome annual deal. Check it out HERE


Last few days for my Last Light Collection Discount. Check it out HERE

Studio News


The Studio is running a fabulous weekend sale on all Art Journaling products. I’ve included my Template Store for you to take advantage of this great deal. You’ll find all my templates and Photo Book Templates HERE. This is a great opportunity for you to get a head start on your Christmas Gift List. There is nothing quite like a personally hand made Photo Book at Christmas (or any other time for that matter 😉 )

Sneak Peek


A little bonus goodie for you

Click the image for download


That’s all for today folks

Be sure to check out our FACEBOOK page for updates and goodies from Rae

I’ll be offline while I’m away so please contact Rae via Facebook if you have any questions

Have a super week and I’ll see you all in a week or two.


Boo and the Blossoms