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Hey Folks,

I’m here again with another fab Gotta Grab It deal for you. Since this is the month of love, and a leap year at that 😉 I’ve gone for a romantic memories theme for you. Hope you like it. Individual packs are just $1 each or grab the whole bundle for just $8 this week only. You can check it out HERE

Thanks for looking and have a super romantic week :)

and here’s a little layout from me



Boo xxx

Take 2 for $2 Tuesday at Gotta Pixel + Special Offers and Studio News Update

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Hiya Folks

How are you all doing? I hope you got through the dreaded Monday Blues ok. I was just surprised to find that was an actual thing lol. As it was, Jay treated me to a lovely coffee and cake morning at our local store so I was a happy little bee 😉

We also got to enjoy our first (and probably only) snowfall of the season the other evening. Elly took the photo above during our late night walk home from her job. It was so pretty and we probably looked a bit strange jumping around like kids so it was lucky there was no one else about LOL.

What did you do for Blue Monday and did it work? Leave your comments below.

Gotta Pixel News

Gotta Pixels Take 2 for $2 Tuesday plus additional packs for just $1 each. Today ONLY. You can find them HERE

One thing sure to relieve my January Blues is the annual Stargazing show with Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain. Not only do I love to ‘star gaze’ but the Professor is pretty cute too 😉 This year is especially great as we have the fabulous Tim Peake on board the Space Station (click his name to watch his space walk). Of course, there is a little stardust missing from the earth with the recent passing of the amazing David Bowie but I somehow feel he’s a real Star Man now, enjoying all the music the universe has to offer. Here’s a clip of A revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.

I have a fabulous offer for you guys too. My Star Gazer Page Kit is just $2 and additional packs including a very large ‘Add On’ is just $1 for TODAY ONLY.

Star gazing not your thing? No worries. I’ve also added my Winters Kiss Page Kit to our ‘Take 2 for $2 Tuesday. Again, you can grab all the additional packs for just $1 TODAY ONLY. You can find them HERE….

Star Gazer

Just $2 for the Page Kit TODAY ONLY


Let’s take a close look at Star Gazer

bld_stargazer_pagekit-pk1 bld_stargazer_pagekit-pk2

bld_stargazer_pagekit-pk3 bld_stargazer_pagekit-pk4

Additional Packs just $1 TODAY ONLY

bld-stargazer-addon bld-stargazer-alphasets bld-stargazer-cardstock

bld-stargazer-clusters bld-stargazer-frames bld-stargazer-journalcards

bld-stargazer-pageborders bld-stargazer-patternpapers bld-stargazer-photoclusters

bld-stargazer-quickpages bld-stargazer-rosettes bld-stargazer-stackedpages

bld-stargazer-swirls bld-stargazer-tags bld-stargazer-torn

My Layouts with Star Gazer



Check out the Blossoms Inspirations HERE

Winters Kiss

Just $2 for the Page Kit TODAY ONLY


Let’s take a closer look at Winters Kiss

bld_winterskiss_pagekit01 bld_winterskiss_pagekit02

bld_winterskiss_pagekit03 bld_winterskiss_pagekit04

Additional Packs just $1 TODAY ONLY

bld-winterskiss-alphasets bld-winterskiss-cardstock bld-winterskiss-clusters

bld-winterskiss-frames bld-winterskiss-pageborders bld-winterskiss-glitter

bld-winterskiss-pageborders bld-winterskiss-papers bld-winterskiss-patternpapers

bld-winterskiss-stackedpages bld-winterskiss-swirls bld-winterskiss-torn

bld-winterskiss-wordart bld-winterskiss-pagespray4 bld-winterskiss-pagespray3

bld-winterskiss-pagespray2 bld-winterskiss-signaturepapers bld-winterskiss-pagespray1

My layouts using Winters Kiss





We’ve heard from the top about what’s going on at the Studio.  Here’s what was sent out and you can also find ithere.

Server Offline
down for maintenance

Our server is currently down for extended maintenance and we would like to send you our huge apologies. I would love to be able to give you a clear timeline for when the problems will be resolved, I do not have all the answers.

What we do know is two-fold:

We have our data.
We will be back online.

The server is fine. The set-up for the new server was done incorrectly and we are working on restoring it, and making some improvements to prevent recurring, extended, downtime.

Worst case scenario: we need to rebuild and will be will be back online this month.
Best case scenario: we are back up within 24 hours
We will extend any download times as needed, once we are back online. Please contact Rebecca or Steph will be happy to assist you with your needs.

In the meantime please check our Facebook page for updates; and continue to post your beautiful layouts in our Facebook group. The Studio is not the same fantastic place without all of you!

And from me personally, please understand this is my not just my job, this is my everything. I am working tirelessly, from all angles, to get this resolved and stable. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Big smooches,

The entire Studio Design & Admin Team

We hope to be back up and running in time for our Winter Coordinates sale around the 22nd January so keep your ears and eyes open for more news.


Note to my readers.

As you probably know. I’ve had some online issues with my accidental upgrade to Windows 10. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with emails from all over and haven’t had the chance to go through them all so if you sent me an email and I haven’t answered, my apologies, please send it again and I will do my best to answer it as quickly as possible. Thank you all so much for your kind understanding and support. It really is much appreciated.

That’s all for today folks. We’ll be back soon with more offers and perhaps even some goodies so do pop back soon.

Have a super day


Boo and the Blossoms


Hello January – New Gotta Grab It Collection and Bundle Me Up Sale

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Hello Peeps,

How are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful New Year and are ready and fighting fit for all 2016 has to offer. My New Year got off to a slightly rocky start with a full on cold which thankfully disappeared as suddenly as it started but then I went and put my foot in it with both hands. I accidentally clicked on install instead of closing the pop up message for Windows 10. I know, I know…. with all the news about how bad it’s been it was the last thing I wanted to do but once it started I couldn’t stop it. As a result, I’ve had hell to pay trying to work with it to finish things not to mention the constant crashing of the internet. Oh well, we live and learn as they say. So, my first goal this year is to double check everything BEFORE clicking it lol. What’s your first goal this year?

Gotta Pixel News

I am happy to say I did manage to get my Gotta Pixel GGI finished and loaded in time for you. I hope you like it. You can find ‘Winters First Light’ HERE for just $1 per pack or $8 for the full Bundle between the 9th and 16th of January.

Let’s take a closer look

bld-wintersfirstlight-sample (1) bld-wintersfirstlight-sample (2)

bld-wintersfirstlight-sample (3) bld-wintersfirstlight-sample (4)

and here’s a layout from me



White Space Challenge

My White Space Challenge over at GP is in full swing. Be sure to head on over there for some creative fun and grab your FREE template while you’re there.

I used my BooLand Featured Collection ‘SHIVER‘ to create these two layouts for the challenge but you can use any kit you like to create yours.


Using FREE Template created by Blossom ‘Francis’


Studio News

Bundle Me Up!

save an extra 10% on bundles

There’s nothing like a bundle & getting every last bit of a collection. I love unzipping bundles.  I’m like a kid in a candy store & I never know what I want first.  This week save an extra 10% on all our bundles:

Simply enter coupon code: bundle-me-up at check-out!

You can find all of my Bundles on special offer HERE


BooLand News

Over at BooLand we have our Featured Collection on sale for you. You can grab SHIVER HERE

*Featured in my GP White Space Challenge too*


Across the Pond

CU Grab Bags

Last chance to grab these amazing CU grabbags before we unwrap them. Just $6 per Grab Bag it’s got to be the deal of the year. You can find them at Booland HERE




Full reveal in store.


On The Blog





Sneak Peek


That’s all for today folks

We’ll see you soon and wish you a lovely week ahead

Take care


Boo and the Blossoms


*Winters First Light-Click the image to go to store*


Boo’s Advent Day 12

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Hi Folks

What could be better then celebrating a National Roots Day and celebrating all things family, especially at this time of year……

National Roots Day is celebrated annually on December 23 across the United States. ( I think we should have an Inter -national one of these 😉 )

National Roots Day encourages us to look into our heritage, families, family history and ancestry and as many people are gathering together at this time of the year, during the holidays, it is a good time to ask questions of other family members about ones roots.  It is quite possible that a grandparent, parent , aunt or uncle has a family tree they could bring out to begin with.

It is often very interesting to learn about the lives of our ancestors; where they came from, their struggles, their accomplishments and etc.  It is a combination of everyone that is on the family tree that makes us the person that we are today.


Look into your own family’s roots and use #NationalRootsDay to post on social media.


What’s on with Boo?

Final Advent with Boo

Click the image to download


Lets take another look at the Photo Book Completed

That’s all for today folks and for the rest of this year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed spending some time with us through 2015. We’ve sure enjoyed reading all your comments.

Let us know what your BEST BOO BIT was through 2015 in the comments below for a chance to win a very special prize in the new year 😉

Until 2016, all being well

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New year


Boo and the Blossoms