1. Are you a Collector?

    July 24, 2014 by Boo


    Yes. It’s true. There are people out there who would use the horrible ‘H’ word when describing us ‘Collectors’. You know the one I mean don’t you? Hoarder. There, I’ve said it and now I’m going to have to wash my mouth with soap for at least ten minutes.

    Ok, ok. I know you and I are not nearly as bad as our sweet princess above but I’m willing to bet my next ‘Collection’ that we do enjoy ‘collecting’ things we love. Am I right?

    I can remember, just barely as it was a very long time ago, when I was a child, my Mothers collections of Teaspoons, Bone China Miniature Cups and other such things. My dad would build little shelves for her to display them on and every Mothers day my dad would take us four little girls into town to buy Mother another little item for her ever increasing collection.


    My dads collection was a little easier to store, well. until he got really serious and then his Stamp Collection grew into mountains of Stamp Albums.

    I don’t know if its something in the genes or just learned behaviour because I carried on the family tradition of collecting, first with crystal things, then with fairies. Later I collected books, post cards of Sunsets and Sunrises and gem stones but my all time favourite item to collect was Tea from old tea caddies to dainty tea cups and saucers. Well, I say I collected them, lets just say I dreamed of collecting them but with storage at a premium in our little house, such things where confined to a box in the attic never to see the light of day.

    I think Tea was my favourite because of the wonderful memories Tea evoked in me. Tea was a luxury for us as children with a daily allowance of one very petite cup at breakfast. The rest of the time my Mother would say ‘You can drink all the Corporation Pop you want, it’s free’ (yes, water was indeed free in those days).


    It was a different story at my Grandmothers house though. Some of my most treasured memories are of us sitting in the beautiful back garden sipping delicious tea from huge china cups that we would cradle in our little hands as though the very cup itself was a great treasure. Hot buttered crumpets and home baked Victoria Sponge Cake was plentiful and, it seemed to me looking back, the sun was always shining. Back then, I remember thinking my very glamorous Grandmother and Granddad must have been gazillionaires because they had afternoon tea, took world cruises where they ate dinner with the Captain and they had the best Tea Set Collection I’d ever seen.

    Of course, they weren’t gazillionaires. Not even close to well off. They just believed in working to live and enjoyed the fruits of their labour and loved creating happy memories with us, their grandchildren.

    But boy oh boy, did it ever add fuel to that burning desire in me to have the finest Tea Collection in the land LOL.

    Trouble was, not only could I not afford such indulgences. I actually had absolutely nowhere to display them so what was the point?

    That was until PINTEREST came along. O.M.G………….. Heaven in a virtual box ladies. I kid you not.

    If you, like me, are close to breaking point because you simply HAVE to collect. You NEED that precious little dinky toy, retro radio, kitchen appliance, cherished teddy or even pretty little tea cup but you know you can’t afford it or don’t have the room, fear not. I’m here to show you how you can now have it all, in glorious technicolor and all for FREE. Yes folks, totally, absolutely FREE

    cdbad99d6fc92d188b79e6ea0c24f93b 7771b2fce811600af69ad2d03d9de439

    I was able to find the very Tea Set my Grandmother had thanks to Pinterest

    If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, be sure to go sign up for one. The best thing about Pinterest is you don’t have to share your finds with the world. You can keep your boards totally SECRET so you can collect anything you like in the privacy of your own Pin Board and enjoy it till the cows come home.

    You might wonder what all this has to do with Scrapbooking and Memory Keeping but I promise you, Pinterest is a fantastic way to preserve family memories, create stunning photo boards and keep all your own layouts not to mention the huge array of inspiration there is out there. You only have to see my boards to see that.

    Wanna see my Tea Collection? Go on, you know you do…… ;)

    Follow BooLand Designs’s board All things TEA on Pinterest.

    Watch out for my Next Pinterest Collection. Think Chocolate and Lilyput Lane ;)

    If you want to see the whole shabang just pop on over to my Tea Pinterest Board and check it out and now that you can see how easy it would be for you to have your very own Hoard…. er…. sorry….. Collection why not set up your board now and start pinning. A word of warning though. It is SUPER addictive so watch your time lol

    Tell us what you would collect on your

    Pinterest Board for a chance to win.

    I’d love to know what collections you guys would start. Leave your comments for collection ideas and our Blossoms may RAK you one of our own BooLand Collections.

    *Edited* We’ve just added a cool new Page to our Blog where we Feature our favourite Pin Boards. Check it out here and be sure to send us your links to your own Boards so we can Feature YOU. BTW, it doesn’t need to be about Scrapping. It can be anything you love to collect.

    Some of my BooLand Boards

    Booland Collections    BooLand OSB and OPW   

    BooLand Commercial   BooLand PhotoBooks

    Boo’s 2014 Layouts   Blossoms Masterpieces

    and lots more

    Hope you enjoyed this post and take time to discover a world of fun collecting to your hearts desire, and all without the cost and storage usually involved with this sort of pass-time.

    Until next time

    Take care


    Boo and the Blossoms


  2. DOTD Signature Papers and New OSB

    July 23, 2014 by Boo

    e1Looks like someone is having a ball over in Portugal!

    So last night at some crazy hour Elly FB messaged me with these lovely images of yet another Street Festival she attended with her Grandparents in Portugal. I have a feeling she’d have been awake all night after that little lot LOL

    e2And while Elly is busy having fun Jay is busy winding down his school year today ready to start the summer holidays and I am running around trying to get a million and one jobs done before we had off on our own summer adventure.

    So how’s your summer time shaping up?

    Here are my latest goodies for you

    DOTD at the Studio


     New OSB 20

    theStudio Advertisements

    Did you miss yesterdays Blog Post?

    Check it out here and have fun collecting so great new fonts for your stash

    And why not check out our Pages for some great info, news, and good finds. You’ll find the Pages in the side bar of the Blog.


    Thanks for stopping by. We’ll be back soon with another great Collection

    Until then, take care and enjoy your Summer

    p.s. Last day for the Spring BMS Sale. It ends TODAY



    Boo and the Blossoms


  3. What the Font Tuesday

    July 22, 2014 by Boo

     what the font

    Hey Folks,

    How are you all today? If you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy a little down time from the daily grind. One of my favourite things to do is to find my favourite quotes and try out my latest Font finds so today I thought I’d share my latest top ten font finds with you.

    Have fun collecting them and playing with your quotes, titles and journaling ready for your next layout. These are FREE for Personal Use

    Click on the font to go to the font site for download

    (opens new window)











    Blossom Inspiration

    As Promised, here are our fabulous Blossoms Layouts using Someday Soon.









    and from me



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    Thats all for today folks. Hope you all enjoy the fonts today. If so, please leave a comment for us and we’ll do it again.

    We’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new gorgeous OSB for you

    Until then, take care and have fun


    Boo and the Blossoms


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  4. What’s on your Summer ‘To Do’ List?

    July 19, 2014 by Boo


    1. Get out walking more. (I need to explore this new place we now call home).

    2. Have a staycation in the UK (While Elly soaks up the sun in Portugal I am leaning towards our tried and tested Wales option as my holiday destination of choice this year).

    3. Get our back garden ready for some outdoor entertaining (It’s Jays 50th year and we plan on a party at home to celebrate. I’ll be checking my pinterest boards for some party inspiration).

    4. Get our ‘Den’ Fit Friendly and organised. (It’s a great space for setting up a mini home gym and chill pad).

    5. Embrace meditation (I love the look of this app).

    6. Loose some weight. (I’ve gained far too much sitting at my desk. It’s time to get up and dance some lb’s off. Have you seen what Veronica Spriggs did???).

    7. Find the perfect outfit for Jay’s party, get it one dress size smaller and aim to get in it by the party.

    8. Figure out a summer tradition (along the lines of this post)now that my Southport Flower Show days are all but over.

    9. Make a pinterest board with all of my favourite Chefs recipes  (I started this one already here).

    10. Keep up with my New Year Goal of at least 1 layout per new kit. (you can see my work so far here).

    Phew, thats a lot to keep up with but I think totally doable. How about you guys? Do you have your Summer ‘To-Do’ List all ready to go? Let me know what you’re doing in the comments and If I totally love your suggestion, I might just RAK you my latest Page Kit. Hows that for some incentive ladies ;)

    Talking of new kits. Here’s my latest addition to store for you. Hope you like.

    Someday Soon

    Available HERE


    Someday Soon The Complete Works

    Someday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
    Someday Soon The Complete WorksSomeday Soon The Complete Works
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    ‘Songs for me are like a message in a bottle. You send them out to the world, and maybe the person who you feel that way about will hear about it someday.’

    ― Taylor Swift

    You’ll find everything and more for all your scrapping projects in Someday Soon and, as always, I’ve added lots of little extras for you.

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    We’ll be back with some Blossom Inspiration and more fun and goodies next week. Until then, have a super weekend and take good care

    Don’t forget to leave your Summer List ideas in the comments for a chance to win my latest Page Kit


    Boo and the Blossoms


    P.S. I didn’t get chance to post last weeks goodies so I’ll post them through next week. Keep an eye open for them coming through. ;)

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  5. How do you say Yorkshire in French?

    July 5, 2014 by Boo

    Tour  de Yorkshire of course hehe


    Honestly folks, we’ve been so spoiled with all this amazing sport at the moment. What with the World Cup, Wimbledon and now the Tour de France kicking off on Yorkshire soil it’s almost more than a girl can handle. I mean…., what am I supposed to do while him indoors watches all this sport???


    Did someone say SCRAP???? What a GREAT idea!

    Kicking off with the final in my BMS Sales


    Gaining a Yellow Jersey with my OSB 17

    theStudio Advertisements

    and taking home the Wimbledon Trophy

    with this ACE of a Collection


    Now that’s how we girls deal with Sport…. right Ladies ;)

    Of course, I can’t pretend I don’t love a little sport, you guys know I do but I’m not kidding when I say Diamond League Athletics has just finished and now its the WC final. Honestly, please do NOT say you guys don’t watch much sport lol….. and yes Jay, this is aimed at you dearest :)

    Grab some Goodies HERE

    Just click the image to download



    Please feel free to leave a comment for us. Happy comments encourage us to continue providing lots of cool goodies ;)

    We’ll be back with some more gorgeous goodies and Blossom Inspiration through the week.

    Until then, take care and for all our USA friends

    Happy 4th July Weekend



    Boo and the Blossoms


  6. Tea Zones and Flash Sales

    June 28, 2014 by Boo


    It’s been hard and yes, there have been tears, tantrums and serious diva moments but it had to be done. There was no getting away from the fact that my tea addiction was getting the better of me. I have had to face up to the harsh truth that drinking so many cup’s a day was really having a detrimental effect on my overall health so I’ve made the very difficult and, if I do say so myself, brave decision to cut back to just 1 cup a day. Wish me luck folks. The journey is proving harder then I expected, if only because the cup is so darned heavy to lift……. ;)

    Do you have an addiction like this? Let us know how you cope in the comments below. We’d love to hear your stories. You can see how far my addiction goes HERE

    Caption Contest Winner

    is Abby with this comment

    “… you think YOU have problems! I have an ice cream headache like you wouldn’t believe – right HERE over my eyebrow!!!

    Comment by Abby — June 14, 2014 @ 8:27 pm

    Congratulations Abby. We loved your funny caption. Please email me at booboo6204 at hotmail dot co dot uk and let us know which OSB you would like.

    Many thanks to everyone who took part. We loved each and every caption and yes, they really did have us rolling on the floor with laughter. You guys ROCK.

    New Collection

    Because of You

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  7. How goes those Goals and I don’t mean Football?

    June 21, 2014 by Boo


    and just to prove it, check out my 2014 Layouts Gallery.

    Follow BooLand Designs’s board Boo’s 2014 Layouts on Pinterest.

    How are you doing with those January Goals?

    Remember way back in January when we set those lofty ‘goals’ (note I said ‘goals and not resolutions lol). Well, we are approaching that half year mark and I was wondering how you are all doing. In the past I have never been able to stick to a New Year Resolution for more then a couple of days and, in fact, I got to the point where I knew I wouldn’t make it so I didn’t even bother trying, but this year I decided to try a little experiment and reset my way of looking at those resolutions. Hence our ‘Goal’ setting. Also, if you remember, I suggested we try for something gentle, easy, and fun.

    With the amazing growth and fun factor of Pinterest, reaching those goals has been a heck of a lot easier then I thought it would be. The only problem now is I’m kinda addicted to pinning hahaha. I mean, anything and everything I see, even if it doesn’t do anything for me but I think you guys might get some use out of it, I pin it LOL.

    In truth, I don’t think its a bad thing to be having this much fun. At the very least, I’ve not only stayed on target for my one layout per kit. I’ve actually managed to double it. Wohoooo. Please feel free to check out my Boo 2014 Gallery to see how I’ve done and please let me know how you guys are doing with your goals this year. Even if you didn’t manage to stick to your goals, share your story with us in the comments below. After all, a problem shared and all that ;)


    The New Collection

    Has Arrived

    “The winds of summer whisper the words of love upon the breezes of romance.”

    - Lamar Cole

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    Some Inspiration





    Your Goodies for this week

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    It’s never too late to start with a Goal so if you haven’t done so yet, why not set up a Pinterest account and have a go at learning how to PIN. It’s great fun and very educational too ;)

    Check out THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL to learn how to set your own account up. It’s TOTALLY FREE

    Thats all for this week folks.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy creating some new fun Goals with Pinterest

    I’ll be back next week with more delicious Goodies for you

    Until then, take care


    Boo and the Blossoms


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  8. Are you addicted?

    June 18, 2014 by Boo


    Seriously folks, I’m getting a little worried, LOL. I never really got into the whole facebook/twitter thing. I was always far too busy for those but this PINTEREST is sooooo cool. I LOVE it. I spent the whole day earlier this week just pinning stuff I found interesting, useful or just plain pretty lol. Rae even posted on Facebook that I was having way too much fun in Pinterest and she was right hehe. I totally forgot we share parts of my board for BooLand so of course, every time I pinned to that board she got a news pop lol. Poor girl must have been frazzled but in my defence, I only pinned 539 things to that board ;).

    I think I may be addicted. How about you? Do you love Pinterest or are you a hardened Facebook or Twitter fan? Perhaps you have no interest in any of them in which case, what floats your boat online?

    If you’re interested in seeing just what I pinned, including a board full of cool Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials then feel free to check out my Pinterest HERE. Have fun and be sure to re-pin.

    New OSB 16

    Meanwhile, when I eventually did get off Pinterest, I managed to find enough time to finish my latest OSB Mini. OSB 16 is now available in store. Check it out HERE



    A Closer Look

    bld_osb_16_sample (3) bld_osb_16_sample (4)  bld_osb_16_sample (2) bld_osb_16_sample (1)

    Blossoms Inspirations


    and from me

    A look inside my Fridge. No cakes and pastries…. just good wholesome fruit and veg… sigh!


    A tribute to my ancestor John Jackson, one of only 2 survivors of the Eliza Fernley Disaster in 1886. The Tragedy set in motion what we know of today as Charity ‘Street Collections’

    Read more about it (here) and my Great Great Grandfather HERE


    Cool Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

    on my Pinterest Boards

    Recently I was asked for a tutorial on how to recolour my Signature Papers. I did put together a video tut which, hands up, is pretty poor but then I’m no wizz kid with video. However. I did find some awesome tutorials for this and other Digi Scrapping matter which I pinned to my Pinterest Boards so if you need some help with something, be sure to check it out HERE 

    Digital Scrapbook Tutorials on Pinterest

    and for those brave enough to view my own tut, you can find it HERE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though lol. Turn the sound up, it ain’t that clear. (sorry, eeekkk)


    Coming this weekend


    Be sure to join us then for this fabulous New Collection and some super goodies. Meanwhile, I gotta run….. over to Pinterest. There’s lots of pinning still to do ;)

    Have a fantastic week my friends


    Boo and the Blossoms


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    P.S. Don’t forget to enter our fun ‘Caption’ Competition to win an OSB from me. We’re extending the deadline to give you more chances to enter. Check it out HERE


  9. Is it just me…?

    June 14, 2014 by Boo

    Or is Summer finally on the way? Today is positively balmy here in good ole’ Blighty and I’m loving the warmth and light and all the summery sounds filtering through my office window. Why, I heard earlier that its soooooooo warm even the Ice Cream Van had some melting issues hehehe….


    Hey folks, how goes it today? Are you, like me, coping with World Cup fever or have you had sense enough to get out of the way and enjoy some ‘YOU’ time while the going is good, LOL? Toiny will no doubt be thrilled with Hollands win so far and by all accounts (especially the screams and claps that issued from the lounge) the game was awesome.

    A little Football Fun Competition

    It occurred to me that there is no reason why us Football Widows can’t have a little fun of our own and since the weather here (and I’m sure, in Brazil too) is definitely Ice Cream weather, lets have some football caption fun….

    Here’s the deal

    Below is an image from the recent Holland v Spain game. All you have to do is come up with a caption for this image. The catch is that it must be something to do with Ice Cream…. hehe… well, we gotta make it just a tad more interesting don’t we folks.

    Leave your caption in the comments below and the Blossoms and I will choose a winner for next weeks OSB Kit. The winning caption will be announced during the week.

    Heres’ the image and I’ll ‘kick off’ with my caption. Have fun and good luck


    Summer Store Sale ENDS SOON

    Check it out HERE


    New Collection

    Blessings Bestowed

    is now available at my Studio Store HERE


     The Works

    That’s the whole Kit n Kaboodle folks

    Check it out HERE

    Blossoms Inspiration









    and from me…


    and for (STEP) Fathers Day


    Studio News


    My Pa’s Treasures Collection is PERFECT

    for all your Fathers Day Scrapbooking

    Check it out HERE


    and don’t forget this awesome FREEBIE is available via the Studio


    Revisiting some Inspiration



    Blog News

    Make sure you check out last Wednesdays Blog Post for news on my latest OSB release and grab yourself some freebies along the way.


    Todays Goodies

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    Don’t forget to enter our fun Football Caption Competition for a chance to win next weeks new OSB. Info above.

    Thats all for now folks

    Enjoy the summer weather (and the Football hehe)


    Boo and the Blossoms


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  10. OSB 15 in store and last few days of Summer Store Sale

    June 11, 2014 by Boo

    2014FIFAWorldCuplogo2-FIFAHey Folks,

    Well are you ready for the BIG DAY tomorrow or, like me, are you going to become a football widow for the next few weeks lol? To be fair, I’m quite looking forward to the whole thing but of course, it would be all the sweeter if I thought England had any chance of getting through to at least the semi finals. Oh well, nothing is impossible I suppose…… or is it?


    Earlier this week I had a lovely couple of hours watching Soccer Aid 2014. Best bit, Jose Mourinho slipping onto the pitch to trip up England’s Olly Murs. We still haven’t stopped laughing. Ref turned a blind eye lol. They won but well deserved. 

    Watch it here. Very funny.

    What are your predictions for this years World Cup winners? Leave your guesses in the comments below and let me know if you’re a fan or not. If not, how will you be spending the time?


    New Release

    OSB 15

    Available now in store HERE


    A little Inspiration






    Last few days

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    But not for long

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    Thats all for today folks.

    Be sure to let me know what you will be doing for the World Cup in the comments below


    Boo and the Blossoms