BMS Last Chance, New Collection, DOTD and Goodies too

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Hey Folks,

How are you all? I’ve been captivated this last week or two with the news from NASA about the New Horizon project. WOW, aren’t those images of Pluto amazingly clear. I’ve always loved looking at the stars. I don’t know much about the stars to be honest. I can recognise a few constellations and I might, at a push, recognise some nebular names but for me, it’s more about the wonder of it all that captures my imagination. This is an exciting time for our young people. With more and more knowledge being gathered and the dedicated work of those involved in pushing these projects forward, I really believe my grandchildren could be the ones to witness man on Mars.

If the world is our oyster then the Universe must be the ocean that our oyster swims in. How exciting that our oyster is learning to understand and explore its surrounding.

Would you go into space if you had the chance?

BooLand News

Finally, I finished this collection. I’m sure you’ve noticed this year has been a bit of a trial for me but I’m so happy to say I feel I’m on the mend and getting my mojo back at last. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey but there is light ahead…… not that all encompassing, end of the road kind of light but that Last Light that hands over the day to the stars…. and new adventures……

Last Light Collection

available at my stores now

booland_logo 17018073485_90e1a71cbc_m


Let’s take a closer look

bld-lastlight-600-sample4 bld-lastlight-600-sample3

bld-lastlight-600-sample2 bld-lastlight-600-sample1

The Bundle

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The Page Kit

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Some Blossoms Inspiration


bld_lastlight_kelly1_600 bld_LastLight_FB2_{600}


bld-lastlight-mrscwooddell1WEB bld-lastlight-Karen600


bld-lastlight-Karen2_600 bld_last light_600_joyce


bld_last light_600 joyce

and from me



We are resetting our BMS sales for just one more week.

If you missed it first time around, here’s another chance to grab these amazing deals before they are gone for good.

Just click the images to go to the store

ONLY $25 each







Studio News

Finishing up our Christmas in July event with this gorgeous Collection



70% OFF




Last Light Goodies

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That’s all for today folks

Have a super weekend and we’ll see you soon for more great stuff from BooLand


Boo and the Blossoms


p.s. Feel free to leave us your comments. We love to hear from you.

Christmas In July + BMS OSB’s and Goodies

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Hey everyone,

How are you all this weekend?  We are doing fine. Elly got back from her week at the University Campus absolutely shattered and spent much of Friday and Saturday sleeping it off. I think that means they kept her busy, lol. Today she was up at 5am to start her volunteer work with a very early start setting up and running a car boot sale. I thought the whole thing might have been a total wash out when the heavens opened just after 6am but the group weren’t put off by a little rain. They ploughed on and pretty soon the clouds made way for blue skies and sunshine. Elly has even managed to bag herself the bargain of the day when one guy decided rain wasn’t for him. He gave her, free of charge, a set of roller blades and an electric scooter. She’s now feeling really glad she got dragged out of bed so early hahahaha. As far as I know the boot sale is doing ok and the group are having a great time.

Meanwhile, Jay and I are taking advantage of a quiet house on a Sunday and heading out for a nice Sunday lunch…. yum.


BooLand News

The final BMS sale is now in full swing…

Check it out HERE


This deal includes ALL my OSB kits AND my OPW kits including the specials up to OSB 44.

It does not include this weekends new release OSB Christmas In July.


Studio News


Kick start your Summer Vacations with a little fun, why not? We love to mix it up at the studio so this week we’re turning things on their head and celebrating Christmas In July. I always wanted to have Christmas more then once a year. Now my wish has come true.

All of my Christmas related products are now available at 50% off rrp.

Check it out HERE

Make sure you scroll down a little to get to my Christmas Store.


Forum Fun

It’s Christmas At The Studio!

Discounts, Gifts, and Fun For All

Join us in the forum for a Christmas Challenge.  Dress Up Your Avatar hosted by our awesome owner Toiny begins next week.

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New Release out this weekend

OSB Christmas In July Mega Mini

40% off for a limited time


get these beautiful Stacked Pages FREE with your purchase


Available at

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Blossoms Inspiration

bld_osbCIJ_FB1_{600} bld_OSB_Christmas in July-Joyce 600

bld-OSB-CIJ-SARAH-1-600-LisaL bld-osb-CIJ-Karen 600

bld-OSB-CIJ-600-BRAD-LisaL bld_osbcij_kelly_600

bld_osb_christmas_in_july_gina_600 bld_osb_Christmas in July Joyce 2_600

and from me


Available at BooLand and the Studio

The Studio Newsletter Previews Template



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That’s all for today folks

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas in July

Until next time


Boo and the Blossoms


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Last chance to grab my Autumn BMS + New Release

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Hi folks,

How are you all today? I’m enjoying a break from the heat we’ve had the last few days with some persistent but gentle summer rain. It’s brought some relief not only from the heat but also from my hay-fever which has been pretty bad this year so I for one am thankful for the rain. Besides, there is nothing quite so much fun as splashing in puddles is there?


Booland News

It’s the last couple of days to enjoy my annual Buy My Store Autumn Sale before I wrap it up for another year so if you haven’t already grabbed it, do so now. It won’t hang around for long 😉 Everything in my Autumn Store is up for grabs in this one time deal.



Studio News


Last Days of our $1.00 Deals
Coordinated Collection: Surf, Sand & the 4th!
At the store we are still celebrating our big, new, Coordinated Collection: Surf, Sand & the 4th!
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Sales: $1.00 each Surf, Sand & the 4th! Ends July 15!


Brand New OSB 44

Now available at my BooLand  & Studio Stores

Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

New CU Signature Papers (OSB44)

Now available at my BooLand & Studio Stores

These are good to use for Designers CU and Scrappers PU

Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

A little Inspiration from me

Using OSB 44


Using OSB 44 + Signature Paper


Check out our Blossoms Fabulous Artistry



BLD_osb44_600_gina2BLD_osb44_600_gina1bld_osb-44-Angel 2-600-LisaL

bld_osb-44-Alquafea600BLD_osb_44_ 600_joyce 1BLD_osb 44_600_joyce 3

BLD_osb 44_ 600_Joyce2


Goodies Time

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Don’t forget our Autumn Buy My Store Sale ends soon

Check it out HERE

That’s all for today folks

We’ll be back soon with more great stuff.

Until then, take care and if you get the chance splash your self silly in a rain puddle. It’s great for the soul


Boo and the Blossoms


booland_logo 17018073485_90e1a71cbc_m

OSB 44 at the STUDIO now


Buy My Autumn Store + Links fixed

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Hello friends,

I hope you are all well and those of you in the USA, enjoying a fabulous 4th July. Of course, here in the UK its business as usual but having said that, we are enjoying some fabulous weather and WIMBLEDON wohooooooo……

I was gutted to see Raffa go out in the first week but I have faith he will be back to fight another day. Meanwhile, Englands Heather Watson put on an amazing show with the world no.1 Serena Williams yesterday. There were several moments my heart was in my mouth as she won point after point but Serena, being the world champion she is, fought back hard and eventually won the match. Well done Heather though, it was by far the best tennis I’ve seen this year (so far)


Also kicking off today is one of my favourite sporting events, the Tour de France. Go Team Sky. I’ll be keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed over the next 3 weeks for another triumphant win for Chris Frome and his team mates.


Back home on more familiar turf, Elly had her Taster Day yesterday at the fabulous Winstanley Collage and came home totally hyped about the place. Now she is chewing what fingernails she has left awaiting the outcome of her recent exams to see if she has made the grade to actually get into the collage proper. Fingers crossed all OUR hard work has paid off for her.


BooLand News

My Buy My Seasonal Store Sales have proved to be a real annual winner with lots of you asking for the event to be repeated again this year. Unfortunately, the Studio are no longer able to host this spectacular event so we at BooLand decided to open our own store especially for this purpose. So far we’ve enjoyed our SPRING and SUMMER store sales. This week I’m delighted to be able to offer my entire AUTUMN STORE sale for a limited time only.

It has to be the bargain of the year at only $25. What do you get? $1000’s of dollars worth of product for one teeny tiny price but folks, I can only offer this deal for a very short time. Grab your deal while you can HERE


Check out what’s in my AUTUMN STORE HERE


Over at the STUDIO I have a fantastic 40% SALE  going on for my entire store to celebrate the USA 4th July Holiday. Check it out HERE


Also on sale at the STUDIO


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Sales: $1.00 each Surf, Sand & the 4th!

Goodies Links Refreshed

Last week I posted some goodies with links that didn’t work. Oooppppsssss. I’m so sorry. But, to make up for that, we got those links fixed and I’m please to repost them for you today. These should work fine because I let the expert fix them, lol. Thanks Rae. I promise to try and not break things in future haha.

On the Blog





and a little BONUS


and finally…..

I know we haven’t had much in the way of New Releases lately. What with Elly, exams, proms and taster days at collage, my numerous doctor appointments (seems I’ve been a bit stressed out lately, I wonder why lol) and our fabulous BMS sales I haven’t had time to think straight, let alone create anything BUT….. I promise that next week we’ll be releasing some new goodies AND we still have our gorgeous WINTER STORE sale to come so please make sure you pop back then to see what’s on at Booland.

Until then, take care and enjoy your weekend.


Boo and the Blossoms


P.S. Don’t forget. our AUTUMN STORE sale is on for a very limited time and will not be repeated again this year

Take advantage of this awesome bargain HERE