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Hello friends,

I hope you are all well and those of you in the USA, enjoying a fabulous 4th July. Of course, here in the UK its business as usual but having said that, we are enjoying some fabulous weather and WIMBLEDON wohooooooo……

I was gutted to see Raffa go out in the first week but I have faith he will be back to fight another day. Meanwhile, Englands Heather Watson put on an amazing show with the world no.1 Serena Williams yesterday. There were several moments my heart was in my mouth as she won point after point but Serena, being the world champion she is, fought back hard and eventually won the match. Well done Heather though, it was by far the best tennis I’ve seen this year (so far)


Also kicking off today is one of my favourite sporting events, the Tour de France. Go Team Sky. I’ll be keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed over the next 3 weeks for another triumphant win for Chris Frome and his team mates.


Back home on more familiar turf, Elly had her Taster Day yesterday at the fabulous Winstanley Collage and came home totally hyped about the place. Now she is chewing what fingernails she has left awaiting the outcome of her recent exams to see if she has made the grade to actually get into the collage proper. Fingers crossed all OUR hard work has paid off for her.


BooLand News

My Buy My Seasonal Store Sales have proved to be a real annual winner with lots of you asking for the event to be repeated again this year. Unfortunately, the Studio are no longer able to host this spectacular event so we at BooLand decided to open our own store especially for this purpose. So far we’ve enjoyed our SPRING and SUMMER store sales. This week I’m delighted to be able to offer my entire AUTUMN STORE sale for a limited time only.

It has to be the bargain of the year at only $25. What do you get? $1000’s of dollars worth of product for one teeny tiny price but folks, I can only offer this deal for a very short time. Grab your deal while you can HERE


Check out what’s in my AUTUMN STORE HERE


Over at the STUDIO I have a fantastic 40% SALE  going on for my entire store to celebrate the USA 4th July Holiday. Check it out HERE


Also on sale at the STUDIO


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Goodies Links Refreshed

Last week I posted some goodies with links that didn’t work. Oooppppsssss. I’m so sorry. But, to make up for that, we got those links fixed and I’m please to repost them for you today. These should work fine because I let the expert fix them, lol. Thanks Rae. I promise to try and not break things in future haha.

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and a little BONUS


and finally…..

I know we haven’t had much in the way of New Releases lately. What with Elly, exams, proms and taster days at collage, my numerous doctor appointments (seems I’ve been a bit stressed out lately, I wonder why lol) and our fabulous BMS sales I haven’t had time to think straight, let alone create anything BUT….. I promise that next week we’ll be releasing some new goodies AND we still have our gorgeous WINTER STORE sale to come so please make sure you pop back then to see what’s on at Booland.

Until then, take care and enjoy your weekend.


Boo and the Blossoms


P.S. Don’t forget. our AUTUMN STORE sale is on for a very limited time and will not be repeated again this year

Take advantage of this awesome bargain HERE


Buy My Summer Store Sale + 75% off Shades of Summer

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BooLand News

Hey Folks,

I’m sooooo excited to bring you part two of our annual BMS sale. This week we are focusing on my SUMMER store. It’s jam-packed with gorgeous collections that ooze that magical summer feeling. Bright, breezy and full of fun. What could be better? Well, this sale doesn’t get any better folks. Just $25 and you can own the entire SUMMER STORE. Now thats what I call a BARGAIN. 😉

Studio News

The studio are retiring the entire range of coordinated collections belonging to the fabulous and popular ‘Shades of Summer’. You can find my entire collection HERE. Available individually or neatly wrapped in one huge Mega Bundle with a fabulous 75% OFF


Boo’s News

You will all know of course, that I have been a little bit absent over the last several weeks or so. This has been due to Ellys intense study time for her GCSE exams and her Prom which took place this last weekend.

First of all, I have to confess I felt a little sad and yes, I secretly shed a tear or two as I ironed her school uniform for the very last time earlier this week. All sorts of thoughts went through my head like the very first time I dressed her in a school uniform and all those memories in-between. Goodness. Where did all that time go? How did she get to be soooooo big?

This weekend was Prom, her first (and mine) and I think I was just as excited as she was though the stress of getting ready for it was worse for me, I’m sure lol. Elly just breezed through the whole thing. We decided to stay over at the hotel where Prom was being held as I had not been able to book a car for her to get home. I think staying at the hotel made the event even more special. Elly had her hair and make up done and she even managed to persuade me to let her have some pretty blonde highlights run through her hair.

She was ready and anxiously awaiting the arrival of her friends a full hour before Prom started, lol. We sat in the foyer watching the staff busily prepare the rooms. They let us have a sneak peek at all the gorgeous decorations. As time drew nearer Elly began to feel nervous about her dress, her make up, who would turn up and who wouldn’t but when the moment finally arrived she needn’t have worried. Everyone thought she looked amazing and I thought everyone else looked stunning and sooooo grown up. It was hard to believe these were all just 15 and 16 year olds.

As Elly settled in with her friends I quietly stepped back into the shadows and watched a little while longer at my very beautiful and very grown up daughter. I’m not ashamed to say I shed a few more silent tears. Letting go is so hard but seeing how amazing she’s turned out has filled me to the brim and beyond with pride. What more could I ask for?


1467269_849740811780453_1099259536064217184_n  11058787_849740575113810_5788834592408345134_n



Of course, there are no goodies when we run our annual BMS sale but since the Studio are having a fantabulous 75% retirement sale with Shades of Summer I thought I’d share the goodies I created to go with my SoS collection

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bld_shadesofsummer_NLand a little bonus for you….


That’s all for now folks

Thanks so much for joining us.

Have a great week and we’ll see you soon


Boo and the Blossoms


Back by popular demand-BMS SALE of the YEAR

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Hello dear friends

I hope the day finds you all happy, healthy and enjoying your weekend. More then that, after lots of emails asking about this, I’m hoping our special announcement today will put a huge big smile on your faces for a while.

BooLand News

Yes folks, back by popular demand and hosted EXCLUSIVELY at BooLand since we are no longer allowed to offer this awesome sale via the Studio, I am delighted to bring you the first of our annual Buy My Store Deals

This sale ends promptly on Friday 26th June so grab yourself a fabulous bargain while you can


Check out our SPRING store HERE

With almost 600 items in this store alone the value is truly amazing. You’ll receive a zip file with clear instructions on how to redeem the included unique code for your purchase and tips on how best to get the most from your shopping experience. No waiting for me to get back to you. You can start to shop almost immediately.

Studio News

While things are busy over at Booland with our annual BMS sale, I’m also hosting the FATHERS DAY sale over at my STUDIO store with one of my all time favourite Collections. Check it out HERE


The Studio have a wonderful Fathers Day sale across the store with many Designers offering beautiful products with up to 50% off. Check it out HERE


Don’t forget…

OSB 43 has just a few more days before it goes to full price so if you haven’t added it to your stash yet, now would be a good time.


Bonus Goody

Did you miss our fabulous BONUS goodies last week? Don’t worry. Here you go

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That’s all for this week folks

We’ll be back next week with more fantastic deals

Until then, take care and have fun


Boo and the Blossoms



New Release with up to 50% OFF plus Goodies…

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Where has the time gone…?

Hey there folks,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend. It’s a busy one for us as my sweet daughter turns 16 on Monday at precisely 12.01 am. It’s incomprehensible to me that 16 years have gone by and my darling little bundle of joy has all but grown up.

I’ve watched it happen, her babyhood turn to toddler squeals, tantrums and giggles, her pre-school finger paints and sticky kisses turn to new found junior friends and sleep-overs. I’ve watched her unfold from ‘I’m all grown up’ senior school to ‘Mum, don’t hold my hand anymore’ and teenage strops.

And through it all, even though I knew it was happening before my very eyes, I still can’t quite accept that my baby girl is no longer a baby girl but a stunningly beautiful, incredibly caring and thoughtful young woman with BIG hopes and LOFTY dreams and the innocence to imagine it all out there just waiting to be gathered.

I can still remember when she was just 4 years old. I found she secreted away my new point and shoot camera and used up all the memory card. I was furious but for some reason, instead of telling her off the moment I could I decided to see what she had photographed. What I saw blew me away. Every single photograph was thoughtfully staged. Each teddy, piece of clothing and ornament carefully placed to tell it’s own little story, very like the image above.

I had never shown her how to take a photo. I am no professional myself. It came from within her. I realised then that even though Elly is a scatter-brained, chatterbox of a dreamer, she has something inside, something naturally creative, that will one day take her to where she’s always dreamed of being.

I hope I’m lucky enough to see her on her journey. I think it’s going to be amazing.




My all time favourite layout of Elly



New Release out now

50% off TODAY


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Let’s take a closer look

bld-osb-43-sample4 bld-osb-43-sample3

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All this for just $2.25 this week ONLY

9 Stunning Papers


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Blossoms Inspiration

bld_osb 43_joyce 1_600

bld-osb-43-Dani2015--LisaL bld-osb-43_Alquafea600


bld-osb-43-J and S-2-LisaL bld_osb_43_joyce 2_ 600


bld_osb43_victoriansoup600 bld_osb43_kelly_600


From our amazingly talented guest Blossom GinaScraps

Check out Ginas Gallery here


and finally

One from me 😉



Studio News

It’s Double Points Time

Earn double points on ALL your BOOLAND purchases. Points will automatically be added to your account after checkout.


I know many of you have experienced some difficulties with the new filter system at the Studio. I have myself lol. The Admin team are working tirelessly to fix these issues and improve your shopping experience. Meanwhile please BOOKMARK my Studio Store for ease of shopping next time.

Alternatively, and for a little extra value for your dollars, please shop at my own BOOLAND STORE where you can be sure of a warm welcome in a more traditional shopping environment


Goodies Time

Available FREE for a limited time

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That’s all for this week folks

Prepare to be WOWed next week as we are planning a rather special sale just at BOOLAND. It’s what you’ve been waiting for all year 😉 More news via our Facebook Page as it happens.

Until then, take care and have a fabulous weekend and, if you are in the neighbourhood, I’d love for you to pop on over to my personal facebook page and wish Elly a Happy 16th Birthday for this coming Monday (15th).


Boo and the Blossoms


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Teatime today 😉