There is a pot of goodies at the end of the Rainbow ;)

rainbow bright

Hello Peeps,

How goes it with you all today? I’ve been busy with my head buried in my pc working away on stuffs for NSD. I’ve barely had time to stop and breath but since it’s not really a terrible hardship to work doing what you love I’m not complaining 😉

I’m taking a quick break though to share todays release of my Studio Coordinates Collection, Rainbow Bright.It’s now on general sale in all stores with a fab 40% off so if you happened to miss it earlier this month, no worries, it’s yours for the taking.

rainbow bright2

Rainbow Bright

I’ve always taken ‘The Wizard of Oz’ very seriously, you know. I believe in the idea of the rainbow. And I’ve spent my whole life trying to get over it.

Judy Garland


Let’s take a closer look

bld-rainbowbright-SAMPLE4  bld-rainbowbright-SAMPLE3

bld-rainbowbright-SAMPLE2 bld-rainbowbright-SAMPLE1

Want to grab the whole lot? No problem. We’ve wrapped it up and tied it with a pretty bow into a nice neat  bundle just for you and there’s up to 70% off the Bundle (available via the Studio during May Day Sale)



Blossoms Inspiration

BLD_rainbowbright_600_joyce 1

bld_ rainbow bright_600_joyce 2 BLD_Rainbow Bright 600 by Lana 2016

bld-rainbowbright-tonisha-2116-600 bld-rainbowbright-tonisha-2115-600

bld-rainbowbright-Linda600 bld-rainbowbright-keevs1-600

bld-rainbowbright-Karen-02-600 bld-rainbowbright-Karen-01-600

bld-rainbowbright-j.fiser 2-600 bld-rainbowbright-j.fiser 1-600

bld-rainbowbright-2-600-Lisa bld-rainbowbright-1-600-Lisa.

bld-rainbowbright_raelynn01 bld_RainbowBright_Rebecca2-600

bld_RainbowBright_Rebecca1-600 bld_rainbowbright_kelly_600

WOWsers, did’t the Blossoms do a wonderful job with Rainbow Bright. I can feel a real spring in my step just looking at all this gorgeousness.

Here’s one from me too.

This is Jay enjoying the flowers at Port Merion (aka Booland 😉 ) They always have such a wonderful display of colorful blooms. Must be all that fertile Welsh soil.


rainbow bright2

Here’s that POT OF GOODIES I promised you

On the Blog





and as it’s coming up to my birthday week I’m feeling all generous so here’s a little bonus for you.



Sneak Peek

Coming Tuesday 3rd May


rainbow bright2

Well Folks, If I’m lucky and I manage to get through all this work there will be more goodies and new stuffs coming up for you next week.

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up next week

At the Studio

40% Store Sale at the STUDIO on selected products


NSD SALE from Thursday 5th May to Saturday 7th May



At Gotta Pixel

Free with $15 purchases

Get this outstanding store collab

OA 1_zpssvofvlwe

Plus NSD Sales, Chats and Games for all in the Forum


I must get back to work or I’ll never be done in time and this lady needs at least a day off during NSD so I can do some serious shopping myself 😉

Take care folks and thanks for spending some time with us.

Don’t forget, we love to hear from you so do leave a comment or two.


Boo and the Blossoms



p.s. This is what happens when I try to multitask……



It’s $2 Tuesday with Boo


Hi Folks,

I’m back again with another fab $2 Tuesday. This week I’ve got something that’s sure to brighten your day. It’s perfect for adding a real sunny lift to any layout whatever your theme.

$2 Tuesday Sale

Arrival is available at Gotta Pixel TODAY ONLY with the page kit on sale for just $2 and the add on packs just $1 each

Check it out HERE

Here’s a closer look

bld_arrival_pagekit04 bld_arrival_pagekit03

bld_arrival_pagekit02 bld_arrival_pagekit01

Blossoms Inspiration

1689 caireen arrival bld 500 1690 easter bunny arrival bld 500

BLD_Arival_joyce 3_600 bld_arrival_1-600-Lisa

bld_arrival_2-600-Lisa bld_arrival_j.fiser 1-600

bld_arrival_j.fiser 2-600 bld_arrival_joyce 1

bld_arrival_Karen1 bld_arrival_Karen2

bld_arrival_kelly bld_arrival_mama4bears

bld_Arrival_MelissaH bld_arrival_MHooley2 600 x 600

bld_arrival_raelynn01 bld_arrival_Sharon

bld_arrival_MHooley1 600 x 600 bld_Arrival_MelissaH-600

and a couple from me



We’ve got GOODIES for ya

On the BLOG





That’s all for today folks

Thanks so much for stopping by folks

I’ll be back soon with some ‘Unwrapped’ news and more gorgeous goodies so be sure to check in regularly.


Boo and the Blossoms


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It’s $2 Tuesday with Boo at Gotta Pixel

tulips - header

Hey folks,

One of my all time favourite flowers is the Tulip. I just love the huge variety or shapes and color. I was surprised to read not long ago that during the reign of King James the 1st and later Charles the 1st of England, tulips were so popular they could sell for as much as a £1000. Imagine how much that would be in todays money. WOW.

Fortunately, I’ve got a much better deal for you with my ‘Youthful Dreams Page Kit’ as it’s todays $2 Tuesdays Special Offer at Gotta Pixel. You can also grab the add on packs for just $1 each.

I’m sorry to say there are conditions attached….. yup….. this fabulous offer is only available for 24 hours after which I may have to put the price right back up to a $1000 bucks 😉 (well, maybe not quite that much)

Available HERE

Here’s a closer look

bld_youthfuldreams_pagekit04 bld_youthfuldreams_pagekit03

bld_youthfuldreams_pagekit02 bld_youthfuldreams_pagekit01

Page Kit just $2


Individual Packs just $1 each


Blossoms Inspiration

bld-youthfuldreams-tonisha-1806-600 bld-youthfuldreams-tonisha-1805-600 bld-youthfuldream-keevs02-600

bld-youthfuldream-keevs01-600 bld_youthfulDreams_joyce 1_600 bld_youthfuldream-Linda1000

bld_YouthfulDream_Rebecca2-600 bld_YouthfulDream_Rebecca1-600 bld_youthfuldream_mhooley2 600 x 600

bld_youthfuldream_mhooley1 600 x 600 bld_youthfuldream_MelissaH-600 bld_youthfuldream_j.fiser 2-600

bld_youthfuldream_j.fiser 1-600 bld_youthfuldream_2-600-Lisa bld_youthfuldream_1-600-Lisa

and a couple of layouts from me



Goodies Time



On FB/Twitter


That’s all for today folks

Enjoy and have a super Tuesday


Boo and the Blossoms


April GGI – Studio Coordinates and CU Grab Bag up for grabs


Hey Folks,

Elly and I had a gorgeous day out in Chester yesterday. Even the persistent rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. Chester is a truly beautiful city with a fantastic range of cool shops and lots of winding little nooks and crannies to explore. The history of the place almost oozes out of every corner of the place.


We had planned a packed day to include visiting the famous Chester Zoo and even a tour on the gorgeous vintage open top bus but the city centre had soooooo much to look at time literally ran away with us so I’m afraid it means yet another trip in the not too distant future to enjoy those things we just didn’t have time for yesterday. Oh what a hardship…. not LOL.

I even managed to get Elly to play dress up in the Roman Armour. Look at that face hahaha

2016-04-15 15.13.56

New Goods ready for you

Gotta Grab It

Sale at Gotta Pixel is almost over. Today is your last chance to grab it before I open it up for general sale.

Check it out HERE

and here’s a layout from me


Studio Coordinates now on Sale

Just $1 per pack or $8 for the whole Bundle

Check it out HERE

and here’s a layout from me


CU Grab Bag

Now available at all my stores


Just $6

That’s just $1 per full sized pack for a limited time only.

Full reveal in store

A little Goodie for today

We’ll be sharing our goodies over the next week or two as the GGI and Studio CC go on general sale but while you’re waiting for those, here’s a little bonus for you


Sneak Peek for $2 Tuesday

Available at Gotta Pixel only

Includes all add ons for just $1 per pack.


That’s all for now folks

Be sure to visit us again soon when we’ll be sharing a ton of gorgeous goodies and yet more new stuffs.

Take care and have a super weekend


Boo and the Blossoms